How we work?

1. Choose the container size

We offer wide range of containers in different sizes. You can choose from our large fleet of containers. Our sizes start from 20ft, 40ft and customized.

2. Container at your place

The container will be placed on which ever location you want us place so you can start loading your goods into the container at your own pace

3. Pack your goods

Pack and load your goods into the container at your own pace and make use of our free blankets and ties.

We move the container

We move the container

4. We move your container

Once you pack your goods into the container we will ship the container to the new address safe and secure.

Self Pack Removals You Trust

When it comes to self pack removals, the team at Self Pack Removals provide you with the best and cost effective interstate moving solution which can potentially save up to 50% on your move. Our approach to self moving is cheap and effective with no compromise on service allowing you to assemble your goods how you want them and unpack them at your destination the way you would like. The team at Self Pack Removals only handle the moving itself, providing you with a DIY removals service that saves you time and money.

Do it yourself - The Best Way to move Interstate with No Hassle

Moving your house or business can be very stressful or exhausting experience. Even after a lot of planning and preparation in advance, if you choose the wrong service, you can face issues such as damaged goods, over-charging, or otherwise have a bitter experience.

Doing everything yourself is also not a good solution - packing goods, loading them into the containers, driving and storage - you are completely on your own. You will also need to buy the packing materials and get everything insured. Depending upon your experience and time constraints, this may not be the best option for you.

Self packing your own things and moving them using a shipping container is the most cost effective way, whether you are moving to new city or to a new state.

A Big benefit of self packing is obviously the reduced cost. You can save up to 50% of the cost that a traditional Interstate removal company would charge you, by using our Self-Pack Shipping Containers. A standard two or three bedroom house needs a 20 feet container to house its contents, whereas a 40 feet container provides more space to accommodate contents of larger homes with more furniture.

However, when you plan an interstate move, organizing and coordinating both storage and moving services can be a nightmare, in addition to loading and unloading difficulties.

Benefits of Self Packing

1. Free Blankets and Ropes to pack your goods securely using our expert advice
2. Loading and Unloading of your furniture can be done at your own pace
3. Medium to long term storage provided based on your needs and full control over your storage units.
4. Insurance coverage on your shipment.
5. Overall reduced cost and time.

Why Self pack?

Self packing is not for everyone. Moving Interstate is little demanding, but you can count on us to handle the load easily and effectively, ensuring a quick and efficient interstate removal. We can deliver the 20 feet or 40 feet self-loading and self-storage containers to your doorstep. We are expert self pack removalists in Australia, and our affordable and efficient interstate removal system helps you to pack yourself and take control of your interstate move.

You can use our Container Storage systems for short term or long term duration. They are safe, weather resistant and secured so that only you have access to them.

Few Tips To Help

1. Prepare a list of all things you are going to self pack.
2. Keep valuable and essential items with you, or in a separate storage place.
3. Fill every box to full capacity, but do not overload it. Remember to use the packing paper.
4. Label every box for easy loading and unloading.
5. Fill all hollow and big items like fridge and washers with light items - as an additional packing space.
6. Place heavy items first, and light items afterwords.
7. Self packed contents are shipped across the states at the owners risk, so ensure to follow all rules and regulations.

Self packing procedure is generally simple - We place the furniture container of suitable size at your home or office on a selected day. You pack your items into the container, and then we collect and move the container safely to the your new interstate location. When you unload the items from the container, we remove the container from your place. This low budget option for interstate move offers additional benefits like reducing the clutter at your home during the move.

Moving is generally a stressful operation. We can offer a Nationwide safe and secure service through our carriers to ensure a stress-free and well organized relocation, no matter where you are moving. We have helped move all kinds of homes, and we have a proven track record of excellent client service and reliability.

To avoid last minute rush, plan well in advance of the moving day. We will guide you throughout the process, saving you money, and providing you the best service that you deserve. We have the perfect solution for whatever you need. Our expert professionals are committed to make the moving, loading and storing process as easy as possible for you. We are always looking for new ways to make loading, storing and moving your items in a better and effective way, and our efficient system helps us to load and move your belongings safely across the state. We ensure complete safety of your belongings during the entire operation, 24 hours a day.

Are you ready to move?

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